Planning cells database (citizens juries)

Planning Cells are just like Citizens Juries a form of citizens participation based on a random selection of participants.
His database was created by the nexus institute which is run by Prof. Hans-Liudger Dienel, the son of Prof. Peter Dienel who developed the German version of the Citizen’s Jury, Planning Cell (Planungszelle). It aims to allow anyone interested an easier access to information about Citizens Juries conducted so far.

Information about this database

Planning Cells are a form of citizen’s participation which was developed by Prof. Peter Dienel in the 1970s at the research centre for citizen’s participation at the University of Wuppertal.
A similar concept is the idea of the Citizen’s Jury which was also designed in the 1970s by Ned Crosby at the Jefferson Centre in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Both procedures are based on a random selection of participants and are therefore part of the „Mini-public“-formats of participation, representing citizens.